Nexus HIC - A Revolutionary Experience

Nexus Hybrid Implant Centers use the patented technology to facilitate dental restorations workflows for both the dentist and the patient. This consolidates the treatment from 5-6 appointments to instead 2-3 appointments to complete the whole treatment process.



Scan your patient using your IO scanner and Nexus Scan Gauges.




Upload your scan data to the Nexus online portal and choose your indication.




Your finished case is delivered, ready for patient install.


How does it work?


Appointment 1


Scan gauges are placed on existing implants, and the doctors at Nexus Hybrid Implant Centers perform digital scans with state of the art intraoral scanners. The scanner captures the necessary information, and then transfers it to the lab working on your final prosthesis. This removes the need for impressions inside the mouth and the resulting long waiting times to design the prosthesis. Once the data is captured using the innovative and highly advanced softwares the prosthesis is designed and planned.

Appointment 2


Once the computer design is completed, the patented software generates a precise prosthesis that can be printed using state of art precision printers. Once completed, you can try it out and see if you like the length, shape, height, tissue contact, tooth position and the overall comfort.


Appointment 3


Once you confirm that the prototype is to your liking, the expert team at Nexus Hybrid Implant Center will work with to create the final definitive fixed prosthesis with the correct color shade the material of your choice (Acrylic Denture teeth or full contour Zirconia).

It's as simple as that. Walk away with a perfect smile in 3 appointments or less.

Benefits of 


Transform your smile with the 2 to 3 visits instead of 5 visits using the traditional restorative methods


The scan gauges are so precisely designed and fabricated that they provide a very precise accuracy at the scanning appointment. This will cut down the extra appointments and treatment steps.

Shorter visits

The total time per visit and the overall number of visits are significantly reduced, with scans taking less than 2- 3 minutes from start to finish.


Nexus iOS kits are easy to use and compatible with almost all the systems in the market. The underlying approach is to design custom made gauges that are individually milled and provided to you by a Nexus Hybrid Implant Center expert.


By reducing the treatment costs and appointment times, save more money than the conventional treatment approach. No extra parts and impressions are not needed.


Nexus Hybrid Implant Centers and Nexus iOS provide warranties on the treatment, giving you a peace of mind. Please feel free to discuss this with your Nexus expert clinical team at one of our centers.

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