Patient FAQ

All Nexus Hybrid Implant Centers will schedule a consultation with one of the Nexus iOS Specialists. During that appointment; a CBCT scan (in office or at a radiology center), intraoral scan, and a full assessment of remaining/failing and missing teeth will be performed. Subsequently, a detailed explanation will be provided with an all inclusive treatment plan by an expert at a Nexus Hybrid Implant Center.

Nexus iOS and Nexus Hybrid Implant Centers continuously train the best dentists from around the country on the Nexus IOS protocol. Only dentists who are already leaders in the field of dental implants are considered appropriate for this innovative technology. is a community and marketplace for most of the participating doctors who have been trained. We continue to update our map with additional cities where Nexus Hybrid Centers are located.

Since the Nexus IOS protocol is worlds more efficient and state of technology, many of our patients do travel a distance for this treatment. Proper treatment sequencing using the Nexus iOS protocol can minimize the number of visits to complete treatment. Locate a Nexus Hybrid Implant Center near you.

Every patient case is different such as the number of teeth remaining/missing, available bone area, age related and health related factors, and etc. There are many variables to the Nexus iOS treatment, so cost can vary. Contact a certified Nexus Hybrid Implant expert for an initial consultation.

Yes, most Nexus Hybrid Implant Centers do offer some form of financing. As each office can offer various types, it will be important to contact your local Nexus Hybrid Implant Center Specialists to find out what they offer. Alternatively, our patients find very competitive interest rates through their local banks. Home equity loans often provide the lowest interest rates available, and the interest is tax deductible. Secured loans, such as a home equity loan, will usually be at a lower interest rate than an unsecured loan. Many patients are not aware that dental expenses that exceed a certain percentage of your yearly income can be tax deductible. For some, this can generate a tax refund the following year of up to 25% of the cost of their Hybrid treatment. Consult with your tax advisor for more information.

Full Arch is definitely a solution for denture wearers because it is a permanent solution that restores full function, which wearing a denture doesn’t do. This is also a solution for patients who have gum disease, few teeth remaining, and partial dentures. Long story short, Nexus iOS Hybrid Full Arch is a definitive solution for those patients whose teeth do not have a good prognosis and for the ones who are tired with their dentures.

Not with the Nexus iOS Fixed Implant Treatment solution. If you have opted for an implant supported removable prosthesis, then yes. Only the Nexus Hybrid Implant Specialists can remove the fixed prosthesis. Contact your Nexus Hybrid Implant Center expert for more information.

Like any other treatment, all removable and fixed prosthesis along with dental implants need periodic maintenance. This can vary from 3 months/6 months or annual maintenance and is case specific.

The Nexus Hybrid Implant Center Team will provide you with comprehensive information about this at the time of initial appointment. Some home care methods may include brushing, flossing, Proxy brushes, Water Floss, Waterpik to name a few. In office care will include an assessment of the occlusion(bite) Implant and the prosthesis and/or a hygiene appointment with at a Nexus Hybrid Implant Center.