Nexus Hybrid Implant Centers

Nexus Hybrid Implant Centers are a one-stop-shop experience that leverage the innovative end-to-end digital solution to give most patients a new smile in one day.


At a Nexus Hybrid Implant Center, expect:

  • An expert team of doctors, lab technicians and equipment in a state of the art patient-centered facility

  • Implant placement and reconstruction of non removable fixed prosthesis, allowing you to leave the center with a natural looking and fully functional set of teeth in the same-day

  • Post appointment, there will be a few months of a few dietary restrictions as to allow the implants to heal inside the jawbone.

  • Post remedial, a new customized prosthesis will be fabricated which you will be wearing for a long time.

  • Periodic recalls and Post treatment prosthodontic maintenance instructions tailored to you along your smile journey with us.

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